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External Building Surveys and Repairs

ECSS provides a complete window cleaning service from low level glazing to more complicated high-level areas that may require special access arrangements such as MEWP, cradles or abseiling. Our expertise is diverse. Whether cleaning glazing in a historic building, multi-storey offices, units in a business park or busy shopping centre, the quality of our work remains consistently high.

We employ our people who are carefully selected for their technical capability, reliability and positive customer attitude.

As in all our business activities, we take steps to mitigate our environmental impact and use purified water to eliminate the need for detergents and chemicals.

We have developed one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the industry with particular emphasis on safety. Customers can be reassured we adhere to the Working at Height Regulations Act 2005 and accordingly all employees who manage, plan, supervise or undertake work at height are both qualified and highly experienced. We operate to the highest industry standards such as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) and, consequently, our safety record is exceptional.

ECSS work in partnership with a large number of service partners within the South East and London, all of which are to the relevant government standards, and above.

As part of our service delivery, we design waste programmes that work in line with Best Practice and the specific needs of each of our clients.
We will provide you with all the relevant certification of our subcontractors for piece of mind which demonstrates full compliance with all current legislative regulations and guidance.
This package of information will be specifically generated for each individual waste stream and for each customer during the mobilisation process as is our normal course of business.

ECSS offer a full sustainable waste management program. Where we are able to segregate all waste Streams using a variety of containers as well as innovative products to reduce waste at source.

ECSS can produce Modern recycling stations that can be installed on each floor/department providing your people with the very best facilities to recycle their waste. The collection and storage of waste and recycling will be managed generally by ECSS on site cleaning teams.

The ECSS guarantee is to give you a full integrated waste stream solution as part of the Cleaning Programme we have designed for you. Because we source your waste services locally we can assure you that our waste and recycling service will be a seamless addition to your cleaning contract.

ECSS are offering a friendly and efficient pest control service. We pride ourselves in the quality of the work we carry out using our partner suppliers.  We can offer a hassle-free service and very cost effective solutions to your pest control problems. We cover all areas of Southeast and London.

We offer our customers the following:

  • Bird prevention - including netting, spiking, bird wire, optical gel and more
  • Proofing and baiting against rat and mice infestation
  • A fast, reliable and effective pest control service
  • Proofing and baiting against insect infestation.
  • BPCA qualified staff who will provide a full report of your pest control needs.
  • Mole and squirrel management
  • Control against biting insects 
  • Tailor made packages designed to meet your individual pest control requirements
  • A fully professional and discreet service with regular visits to control and prevent pest infestation

ECSS provide complete washroom services including sanitary disposal amongst other things. The diverse range of air fresheners, sanitisers, disposal units and vending systems is delivered with a clear focus on reliability, excellent service and consistently good results.

So, what makes us different from the rest? We developed an Innovative Washroom Servicing solution - a barcode monitoring system to give our customers complete peace of mind that their washroom services are being completed on time every time. With ECSS, every item in your washroom is serviced as it should be. Our unique barcode system monitors and records the completion of every washroom item we service and reports back to you and us. 

The integrated range of washroom & hygiene services complement any Building using the most up to date methods whilst providing excellent value for money.

All of the ECSS services we offer will be fully managed by our Management team ensuring that our promise of exceptional standards is maintained through the lifetime of the contract.

How does this work


Each individual Washrooms item has its own unique bar code which will allow us to keep a real-time record of all the services we provide. Our engineers will service each item and scan its bar code as they do so.


Our Service, Scan and Sign off system has helped to keep us at the forefront of the industry, whilst ensuring every one of our clients' washrooms are stocked up, waste-free and fully functional.

The day before the client's service is due we will send our engineers (via their PDA's) a list of their jobs. As soon as this list has been sent to our staff, the clients will receive an email informing them that the service is due the next working day. For additional peace of mind, the client will receive confirmation of the engineer's name and his/ her vehicle registration details.

As the operator services the washroom unit, they will scan each item that they service - signalling the second stage in our highly innovative three stage barcode monitoring system.

If a barcode is missing, they will have to enter a reason code to ensure we resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Once the item has been serviced and scanned, the operator has to complete the job with the third and final stage - official sign off.


After the service and scan has been carried out, the job is then signed off and closed as finished. It is at this point an email is sent to the customer with the proof of acceptance showing live time details and the sign off signature

As we use this unique barcode monitoring system, you can be sure that every item in every washroom is serviced as it should be. That's why ECCS is one of the UK's leading washroom and hygiene service providers.

We find that many of our clients don't want to deal with multiple suppliers and, as such, we've developed close relationships with a handful of partners, carefully chosen to provide our clients with exceptional quality and value.

Whether it be designing or maintaining external landscapes, hard, or soft, we're able to help.

Services include,

  • landscaping,
  • lawn maintenance,
  • hedge cutting,
  • bed and shrubbery care,
  • mulching,
  • sweeping,
  • gritting,
  • litter picking,
  • Pressure washing,

All of the ECSS services we offer will be fully managed by our Management team ensuring that our promise of exceptional standards is maintained through the lifetime of the contract.


ECSS professionally install office plant maintenance projects of virtually any size using the highest quality interior plants and materials. We will recommend a selection of interior plants, the location in your facility and the delivery with installation. All of this indoor plant service is done on time and on budget without interruption to your daily routine.

Guaranteed Interior Plant Maintenance

The professionally trained, uniformed technicians will visit your location regularly as part of the interior plant service - keeping your interior plants as healthy and attractive as possible. The interior plant maintenance and Guaranteed Replacement Program includes a full guarantee on all plants under contract. Your plants will be watered, fertilized, cleaned and trimmed as required. Any office plants that loose their vitality will be promptly replaced at no additional cost.*

Quality Assurance

The ECSS Account Manager will visit your establishment to ensure that the best quality plant care service is being achieved at your facility. Regular visits and constant communication is our way to maintain both beautiful plants and build a lasting relationship with you.

Custom Projects

If your facility has any special office plant maintenance needs or requirements, we'd be happy to brainstorm solutions with you.

All of the ECSS services we offer will be fully managed by our Management team ensuring that our promise of exceptional standards is maintained through the lifetime of the contract.

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